18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets

Tickets DAS FEST 2024

Tickets for DAS FEST 2024 are available online in our partner shop at Eventim. Tickets can also be purchased at all stationary advance booking offices connected to the Eventim system in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area - during their opening hours (see below for a list of advance booking offices).


Thursday, Friday and Saturday sold out!

Tickets for Sunday still available!

Advance tickets are only available through our service provider eventim! We expressly advise against purchasing tickets via other platforms and dubious resellers! Only when buying original ticket via eventim is the authenticity and thus the admission to the event admission to the event is guaranteed!

Support DAS FEST and round up your purchase

DAS FEST fans can make their own personal contribution when purchasing their tickets via the online provider Eventim. When buying your DAS FEST tickets, you have the opportunity to support your favourite festival financially by clicking on the "DAS FEST fans round up" button in order to maintain the usual quality and variety in the future. You can round up the ticket price from 17.20 euros to 20.00 euros, or from 66.70 euros to 70.00 euros for the 4-day ticket.


Stationary advance booking offices

Stand: 11/2023 - Subject to change

ADAC GeschäftsstelleJulius-Moser-Straße 175179 Pforzheim
ADAC GeschäftsstelleAm Alten Güterbahnhof 9 76646 Bruchsal
ADAC GeschäftsstelleSteinhäuserstr. 22  76135 Karlsruhe
ADAC GeschäftsstelleGewerbepark Cité 22 76530 Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbHKaiserallee 1, Kurhaus-Kollonaden76530 Baden-Baden
Heilbronner Stimme HauptgeschäftsstelleAllee 274072 Heilbronn
Heilbronner Stimme Geschäftsstelle City CenterKaiserstr. 2474072 Heilbronn
Heilbronner Stimme Geschäftsstelle ÖhringenBahnhofstr. 1174613 Öhringen
Jochen Amaral Berner Ticketverkauf c/o KauflandMainzer Str. 676726 Germersheim
Konzertservice RastattKapellenstraße 2076437 Rastatt
Kulturhalle RemchingenHauptstr. 11575196 Remchingen
Musikhaus Schlaile GmbHKaiserstraße 17576133 Karlsruhe
Sparkasse Pforzheim CalwPoststraße 375172 Pforzheim
TicketForum in der Post GalerieKaiserstraße 21776133 Karlsruhe
Tourist Information HeilbronnKaiserstr. 1774072 Heilbronn
Schaufenster Karlsruhe/ Tourist-InformationKaiserstraße 72-74 / Marktplatz76133 Karlsruhe

Important questions about advance ticket sales for DAS FEST 2024

Advance ticket sales for DAS FEST 2024 begin on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Tickets for DAS FEST 2024 are only available via EVENTIM. The ticket store is also linked on the DAS FEST website under the heading Tickets, but you can of course also go directly to the Eventim website. You can also get tickets at the stationary sales outlets connected to the Eventim system in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area (note: only normal Eventim tickets are available here!)

The days Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (18, 19 and 20 July) are already completely sold out. Tickets are currently only available for DAS FEST Sunday (21 July).

No. The self-organized sale of DAS FEST tickets at the local partners, including hours of queuing, no longer exists.

As last year, a day ticket for DAS FEST 2024 costs EUR 15 including VAT. In addition, there is a standard 10% advance booking fee and a system fee of EUR 0.70, resulting in a final price of EUR 17.20 per day ticket. The festival ticket (4-day ticket) for all four FEST days costs EUR 60 incl. VAT. In addition, there is a standard 10% advance booking fee and a system fee of EUR 0.70, resulting in a final price of EUR 66.70 per FESTival ticket.

As usual, day tickets are available for DAS FEST 2024. In addition, the FESTival ticket will again be available for all four FEST days (Thursday to Sunday). Please note: Tickets are currently only available for DAS FEST Sunday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all sold out. There are also no more FESTival tickets on sale.

When ordering your ticket, you can also choose from the following formats (to be selected in the shipping options):

  • Fan ticket in the current DAS FEST design: can only be ordered online via eventim, delivery by post (additional costs to the ticket price: shipping costs 5.90 EUR)
  • Ticketdirect: Ticket to print out (no additional costs)
  • Mobile Ticket: Ticket for mobile device (no additional costs)
  • In addition: the system ticket at the stationary VVK points in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area (plus individual additional fees at the VVK points, e.g. Schaufenster Karlsruhe on Marktplatz, EUR 0.50 per ticket)

A new feature this year is that you can show your solidarity with DAS FEST by clicking on the "DAS FEST fans round up" button when purchasing your ticket online via eventim. This gives you the opportunity to round up from 17.20 euros to 20 euros when buying a day ticket and from 66.70 euros to 70 euros when buying a FESTival ticket. This is your personal contribution to maintaining the usual quality and variety of DAS FEST.

If you are unable to attend DAS FEST on one day, you can pass on your festival ticket in any form (printed ticket, Ticketdirect as paper or pdf, link for the mobile ticket).

The first person to arrive with a valid ticket will be admitted. As soon as someone with the ticket has been admitted, the ticket is blocked until they leave the ticketed area.

Handling ticket sales for an event the size of DAS FEST (over 30,000 tickets per day, several entrances) is not possible without a professional service provider. These services, which largely run in the background, must of course be paid for.

The industry-standard advance booking fee of 10% is due to the ticket seller who offers the advance booking service, regardless of whether it is an advance booking office or an online order.

A system fee of EUR 0.70 is charged for using the system, which, in addition to the normal advance booking system, also offers the option of scanning tickets and checking their validity at the admission gates.

DAS FEST has waived these fees as an accommodating gesture in its usual procedure until 2019. However, this is no longer feasible in terms of personnel and cost.

Handling ticket sales and admission at a major event like DAS FEST (over 30,000 visitors per day) requires a professional and trustworthy infrastructure. Not all ticket providers are able to guarantee secure and stable ticketing for a festival on a greenfield site. DAS FEST has been using the service provider CTS Eventim for ticketing for over ten years.

DAS FEST is much more than the ticketed main stage. Around 70% of the FEST program is completely free and accessible without a ticket. On the extended FEST weekend (Thursday to Sunday), there is a large and varied program in the free children's and cultural area - on the field stage, the cultural stage, the DJ stage, at the INDIA SUMMER DAYS and in the Sparda Sport-Park. DAS FEST AM SEE (10 to 16.07.2024) also offers live music on the café stage every evening for seven days (on weekends in the afternoon) - completely free of charge and open to everyone.

Children under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

People with disabilities require a regular ticket. Any accompanying or caring person required (proof by means of the B mark on the disabled person's pass) will receive free admission. We ask for your understanding that not all areas of DAS FEST can be adapted for disabled persons/wheelchair users. Disabled toilets are available at various sanitary areas of the festival. The purchase of a ticket does not entitle the holder to a seat on the wheelchair grandstand. For further information on wheelchair access, please send a short e-mail to info_at_dasfest.de

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Admission is only granted in accordance with the provisions of the Youth Protection Act.

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