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Safety - take care of yourself and others



The DRK city emergency team will be happy to help. Emergency response teams are available on site.

Should you or anyone else need help, please contact our security staff or the SOS islands. These are marked with a large yellow pictogram at the corresponding beverage stands, at our information booths and on the hill.

Show moral courage. Talk to other visitors and try to settle the dispute together without getting violent yourself. If the situation escalates, please report it to our security staff or the staff at the next DAS FEST beverage stand.

Try to stay calm. The escape routes are on the left and right of the stage down to the Alb or along the Karl-Wolf-Weg and Wilhelm-Baur-Straße. Please also pay attention to the safety animations on our video screens and pay attention to the instructions of the security personnel.

Report this to security personnel or staff at the nearest DAS FEST beverage stand. They will contact the security center.

DAS FEST is a family festival. Hundreds of thousands of visitors romp around the Günther-Klotz-Anlage during the festival time. For all parents: If your little ones get lost on the festival grounds, don't panic! Report to the DRK city readiness. Usually the runaways are brought there and also supervised until they are picked up by their parents. If the child is not (yet) there, the DRK will contact the festival organization. Equip your little ones in advance with the foundling bracelet.

Our moderators will keep you informed about the weather development. If a storm should break loose, it is also important to stay calm. Danger zones are everywhere where parts can break loose, i.e. near tents, stages and storage areas. Cables are also a potential source of danger. Go to the escape zones along the Alb or the Wilhelm-Baur-Weg. There are almost no shelter possibilities in case of rain. Stay cool. A summer rain is sometimes really refreshing and usually over quickly. Please do not try to seek shelter in our beverage stands. You will endanger our staff and other visitors. If you have arrived by car, please seek refuge in your vehicle if in doubt and if you still have room, please take shelter seekers with you.

Experience shows that temperatures are high on DAS FEST weekends. We are constantly working on new ways to counteract the climate development and to improve the quality of your stay - not only in the area of climatic changes. In order to make your DAS FEST visit a complete success, we recommend you to consider some points.

Our recommendations for you:

  • Protect your skin with sunscreen. At the dm sun milk bars (both in the main stage area and in the children's and cultural area) you can apply sunscreen as often as you like free of charge.
  • We recommend you to wear a headgear that you are not completely exposed to the heat.
  • Shady spots are in demand when temperatures are hot. And these will be available at DAS FEST 2023. In addition to an oversized umbrella ("Magic Sky") with a diameter of 35 meters in the children's and cultural area, we have changed the set-up in the main stage area (Café area) so that the places under the shady trees have been reserved for the visitors and the stands have been moved to the less sheltered areas. Pay attention to your well-being and seek out shaded areas whenever possible.
  • Drink a lot! You can stock up on a wide selection of drinks at our numerous beverage stands.
  • You are not feeling well? In case of signs of sunstroke or heat stroke, our paramedics are at your disposal for "first aid".

To make your festival visit a wonderful experience with lasting memories, we ask every DAS FEST visitor for tolerance, consideration, civil courage and help in emergencies. Everyone should make his or her personal contribution, because the safety and integrity of the festival visitors is paramount. Therefore, the organizer and his authorized third parties have the domiciliary rights during the entire festival. The instructions of the security staff of the organizer must be followed.

In the event of imminent overcrowding on the FEST site, security personnel will close the entrances concerned. This may result in extended waiting times.

Although there have been no serious accidents on our hill in over 30 years of THE FEST, we ask you to be aware of its special characteristics (slope of the hill > slip and trip hazard).

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Learn more in our safety flyer