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Take a stand!

Once again, DAS FEST is under the sign of Take A Stand, the initiative for social commitment, tolerance and humanity of the European festival family. Together with 150 festivals and cultural institutions from all over Europe, DAS FEST is committed to a better, open world.

What is Take A Stand?

It is time to stand up for Europe and, more precisely, for the whole world.

To create a movement that promotes social cohesion in our society as well as awareness and tolerance towards all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, skin colors and countries of origin. To encourage people to participate in political and social activities, to advocate peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance as well as mutual understanding and to make the world a better place for each individual and for all of us.

Who should advocate for it?

Everyone who speaks out for the European idea and its values. Everyone who believes in peace, inclusion and dialogue as opposed to fear and exclusion. Stand up for your views Get involved! Become a member of a political party and/or cast your vote in local or federal elections.

Keep an open mind! Tolerate and respect other cultures and their values. Actively promote integration and seek dialogue when necessary!

Tolerate & Respect

Be active

Don't be silent! Join an NGO, support initiatives, sign petitions, raise your voice and spread the word on your social media platforms.

Show solidarity
Show solidarity with minorities and those in need. Volunteer and get involved in community service projects. Solidarity makes us stronger.

Explore the world, try to get in touch with other cultures, listen to foreign music, watch foreign movies, read books, try foods from all over the world, and try to understand values and views that are different from yours.

Take A


Take A Stand at DAS FEST

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