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Indie rock and soccer - hardly any other band combines these two styles more successfully than the Sporties, who have been playing soccer since the start of their career. In 2006, the Bavarian friends achieved their greatest success to date with the song "`54, `74, `90, 2006" in the German summer fairytale year. Since then, every new album by the Sporties has been good for a top position in the charts, and since 2008 the Sportfreunde have also been checking on the hill in the Günther-Klotz-Anlage from time to time. This is also the case in the current soccer year, for which they hope that we will become cool again and for a magical moment forget about the idiots who want to ruin the mood in the country. In the summer of 2023, the band returned after a six-year break with the new album "Jeder nur ein X" ("Everyone just an X"). Its songs combine with their classics-best-friend-songs to create an enchanting mix of departure and retrospection, of memories and outlook, of emotion and exuberance, resulting in wonderful moments of enjoyment. However, another soccer song is not planned for the time being, they say.