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Soul jazz in the best sense of the word and a feast of blues, soul, swing and other jazz roots ingredients is promised by the quartet led by Swiss saxophonist Christoph Grab. The infectious energy, the groove and the fat arrangements of two saxophones and Hammond are the trademark of Roots Area, whose music is fed by the sources of African-American music, but in no way comes across as traditionalist or dusty. Whether a slow blues piece, New Orleans funk, gospel ballad or Swiss folk song in African guise - Root Area's music has deep roots that are short-circuited with the present, creating music characterized by phenomenal energy that breaks boundaries and provides the band and the audience with delightful moments. At his side, the renowned Swiss wind player and bandleader Grab has his colleague Nicole Johänntgen, who has played with stars such as Roger Cicero, Aaron Parks, Nils Landgren and Piet Klocke, Thomas Bauser on Hammond organ and drummer Elmar Frey.