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Phantom Winter


Presented by Dudefest @ jubez

Melancholy meets cold and anger. The drumming is brutal and staccato, modeled on machines and monsters. Lots of noise, lots of rage, plenty of doom, post and even black metal borrowings, apocalyptic scenarios set to music, dense atmosphere, subtle guitar melodies, a bit of drone, sometimes compact and sometimes epic. Phantom Winter interweave these components and serve them up at a very high level with garnish and a lot of dirt. Founded ten years ago as the successor band to the instrumental doom band Omega Massif from Würzburg, their music is described as the "musical epitome of darkness" and "of a remarkable abruptness and coldness". "If you let yourself in for this nightmare, you will be rewarded with an intense musical experience that is truly not commonplace," attested one critic of the five-piece band, who are on the road with their fourth album "Her Cold Materials" (This Charming Man Records).