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OK Kid


Dubbed the "class spokesperson of an entire generation" by the weekly newspaper Die Zeit and celebrated as one of the best live acts by hundreds of thousands of festival-goers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, OK KID are "finally back where it all began" after ten years. This is more than an anniversary, but rather a completely new beginning: "We don't want to measure ourselves by what we have created so far, but by what we can still create," the band writes on their social networks. Accordingly, their current album is a hybrid of past and future. It contains new songs, surprising collabs with Lotte, Sebastian Krumbiegel, Querbeat and Paula Carolina, for example, as well as classics in a new sound. While the coronavirus period had taken its toll on the band founded in Gißen, their seemingly endlessly postponed 2023 tour was almost sold out and a triumphant comeback. According to them, they have never felt so comfortable on stage and the response from the audience was overwhelming. Reason enough to get back on the road with new music and in top form: "Finally back where it all began".