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Nina Chuba


With the number one hit "Wildberry Lillet", Nina Chuba became a star overnight in the late summer of 2022. For 200 million streams, it went triple gold in Germany and double platinum in Austria and Switzerland. The rapper and singer then went gold again in all three countries with the Chapo 102 collabo "Ich hass dich". The 25-year-old was already in front of the camera as a young actress at the age of seven and discovered her talent and passion for music just a little later. Since 2019, the musician, who grew up near Hamburg, has been living in Berlin and cultivating her solo career, which she fueled with cheeky humor, a good dose of self-irony and a lot of positive energy on TikTok. A sold-out tour with more than 20,000 tickets, almost 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, almost 800,000 followers and 17 million likes on TikTok - Nina Chuba is hard to ignore. Her debut album "Glas" also landed at number one in the German charts in March 2023 and Nina Chuba rocked the biggest festivals. She is regarded as the voice of a new generation, a voice that is sometimes loud, unafraid and knows exactly what it wants. But she can also be quiet, insecure and vulnerable at times. With her mixture of wit and seriousness, humor and thoughtfulness, Nina Chuba is not an artificial figure, but an authentic young woman who goes public with reflected openness and lived contrasts and has thus become the star of a new generation.