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Moop Mama x Älice


Their success story began with guerrilla concerts on the street. As a marching brass band with two drums and a rapper equipped with a microphone or megaphone, their path quickly led them to the stage with powerful brass sections, a mix of funk, soul, jazz, but also trap and techno and clever lyrics. From the field stage to the late night slot, they have literally blown their way into the main program of DAS FEST. Moop Mama has repeatedly docked in the fan city. Most recently, the Munich hip hop brass band performed at the Hörspieltage at the ZKM and gave a taste of their new start with former boss Älice as the new front woman. Having left rapper Keno to pursue his solo career, they met this charismatic bundle of energy in Berlin and immediately hit it off. At home in many genres and singing as confidently as she raps, the woman with Polish and Caribbean roots delivers full stage power in Moop Mama style, depth to celebrate - along with a dose of internationality that can only do Moop Mama good. The same band, the same energy - they have already sent audiences into ecstasy at countless festivals - but now with a new voice, a new show, a new record and in absolute top form.