18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets

Mellow: "Blow Your Mind! - Magie & Illusionen live"


The likeable magician in the hoodie is the German master of magic and turns the world upside down with creative illusions and humorous storytelling. In this live show, everything that is fun is allowed. Novel holographic video effects meet handmade magic and interactive illusions. Mellow brings Polaroid photos to life, breaks into the vault of a banknote printing company and transforms plain paper into an endless number of banknotes. At the latest when he catches the light of a shooting star with a telescope and countless fireflies fly through the room, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary magic show. Mellow amazes the audience with ingenious tricks from his magic candy bar and floats away in a soap bubble at the end. What is real, what is illusion? This show is simply great fun for the whole family. Mellow promises feel-good magic to make you laugh and be amazed.