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Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1981 and raised in Berlin-Moabit, Megaloh has never been an artist who swims streamlined in his scene aquarium to collect more clout or a few more clicks and likes than the others. Most recently, for example, the German rapper of Dutch-Nigerian descent fulfilled his heart's desire in the fall of 2023 and let hip-hop meet classical music with the famous Babelsberg Film Orchestra. Before that, Megaloh had made a strong statement with the album "Drei Kreuze", which reveals the eternal insider tip of German rap as an old-school rapper who builds musical bridges and never loses his curiosity about contemporary trends. "Drei Kreuze" tells a hero's journey without heroes, it is an unembellished look at life, survival - and again and again: the end. Death runs through the album in references and allusions. "Since my son was born, transience has become an important topic for me," says Megaloh. It's actually the most universal question of humanity: life could end at any time, so what do you want to leave behind?