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Luksan Wunder


Luksan Wunder are a comedy collective from Berlin and Freiburg. With their very own brand of humour, they have created a universe of elaborately produced nonsense, detailed parodies, crude wordplay and ironic satirical punchlines that is quite unique in Germany. In terms of numbers, the vast majority of people will encounter Luksan Wunder on the internet, where the fun collective regularly goes viral with video series such as "Correct Pronunciation", "Literal Videos", "Bad Lip Reading Videos", "Tutorials and Lifehacks" and "Most Unsatisfying Video Ever Made". Their live show is a wild ride of music, videos, satire, sketches, cabaret and stand-up comedy, bringing the internet age to the stage with virtuosity. This innovative mix of genres has been honoured many times, including with the German Cabaret Award 2023.