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With an overwhelming feel-good sound and a musical mix of guitars, electronic music, ingratiating melodies and beats that get you moving, KYTES have gained a large fan base in recent years. The four Munich-based musicians Michael Spieler, Kerim Öke, Thomas Sedlacek and Timothy Lush have known each other since childhood and have been making music together for a decade and a half, but the indie pop quartet only called themselves KYTES in 2015. The band has been self-releasing on their own label, Frisbee Records, since 2019. Their third studio album, "To Feel Something At All", was recently released in 2023, with which the band returned to their roots as childhood friends. Full of nostalgia, timeless and yet fresh and full of energy, the four celebrate their very own sound, somewhere between indie and electro-pop, as well as their deep friendship, which literally brings an incomparable mixture of familiarity, freedom and lightness to life. Live, KYTES exude an infectiously exuberant energy. They have played almost 300 shows, including festivals such as Melt!, The Great Escape, Eurosonic and Hamburg's Dockville. "Intense, refreshing, motivated and positive - into a future in which we can finally dance and party at the band's concerts again", as DIFFUS magazine put it.