18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
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Jio Ram


If you look closely, you will recognize one or two celebrities from the Karlsruhe music scene as they indulge in unrestrained jam experiments with analog synths, fired-up drums, spun-off guitars and a deep bass. Somewhere between electro, drum'n'bass, souk ambience, arcade, rock, kraut and creaky, Jio Ram localizes itself and is loud, excessive, hardedgegroovey, psychedelic and full of rough edges. Jio Ram's influences include electro-kraut classics such as Neu!, Can and Kreidler, style-defining musicians such as Tony Allen and Pharoah Sanders, but also digital cinematics such as Mick Gordon and Studio Ghibli, as well as curiosities such as Yps magazine and the elevator sound of jubez. Several surprise guests are also expected here.