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Il Civetto


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Euphoria and melancholy are two sides of the same coin for the Berlin band. Their music is about enduring contradictions, bridging divides and overcoming the social coldness of polarized times with love. Il Civetto's shimmering pop internationalism has always been about wanderlust, longing and the feeling of being on the move. The music of this band simultaneously imagines the vibe of a balmy summer night and the hangover afterwards. With their brand new, fourth album "Liebe auf Eis" in their luggage, Il Civetto, who began their career in 2010 with guerrilla gigs in the Berlin subway, are coming to Karlsruhe as part of their summer festival tour. In addition to the current material, they also promise songs from their previous albums "il Civetto", "Facing the Wall" and "Späti del Sol", always touching and always danceable.