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Hippie Death Cult


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Raw, adventurous, heavy, groovy and psychedelic is how the heavy band, which has concentrated into a power trio, presents itself on its latest album. The line-up of the band from Portland, USA, which borrows heavily from the sound of the 1970s, currently consists of guitarist and founder Eddie Brnabic, singer and bassist Laura Phillips and drummer Harry Silvers. "Helicrysum" (Heavy Psych Sounds Records) is a deep, heavy and groovy album that takes Hippie Death Cult to a new level. Laura Phillips, who has now also taken over the vocal mic in addition to the deep-toned four-string, plays a major part in this. She is joined by bone-dry drums and the versatile guitar of Eddie Brnabic, who is responsible for razor-sharp riffs, brute walls of sound and hypnotizing doom as well as billowing clouds of pychedelic sound. The band's influences range from Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper to Soundgarden, but Hippie Death Cult undoubtedly have their very own sound.