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HÄMMERLE KOMMT - und bleibt bis er geht image

HÄMMERLE KOMMT - und bleibt bis er geht


Everyone has their own secret places where mysterious things are stored - including Mr Hämmerle. But the fixated Swabian wants to become fit for the future and is clearing out. He deals with letters and appliances, tools and bulky rubbish. In doing so, he asks nothing less than the question of our tomorrow ... "This man is a blast. What can't he do? As a cabaret artist, poet, singer, dancer and entertainer, he brings together the fruits of all the genres of his creative work with which he tours the country. This bubbling creative bolt is held together by a hat, the Hämmerle hat, which on the one hand is reminiscent of the petit bourgeoisie and Kehrwoche, and on the other of great mimes such as Charlie Chaplin," was how the Schwäbische Zeitung described Bernd Kohlhepp, the creator and inventor of the order-seeking cult Swabian Hämmerle.