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Gringo Mayer & Die Kegelband


Gringo Mayer is one of us and yet completely different. On his second album, "Ihr liewe Leit", Gringo Mayer ignites a furious firework display of indie, pop, folk and much more. In the Palatinate idiom, the songwriter tells small and big stories from his surroundings, using his own language and his very own musical means. This is rousing Kurpfalz indie pop with a proven flair for hits. Not only did it make it into the album charts on its own, but also onto sold-out stages, as support for the Donots and Kettcar, on Inas Nacht, in the morning programme or on SWR Kultur and with hymns of praise in the press. And the best thing is: the Ihr liewe Leit tour, including the great Kegelband, will continue. With over ten shows throughout Germany in April and May 2024. Gringo comes from Ludwigshafen, which the satirical magazine "Extra 3" once called the "ugliest city in Germany". There, Gringo was able to develop and mature his art under the radar and unnoticed by the general public, until he now steps out of the shadows and into the light with "Ihr liewe Leit". This man has fire, a flair for drama and great feeling, but he also has a precise power of observation, humour and a tender feeling for people that permeates every one of his lines. Gringo Mayer's music is ultimately pop music in the sense of popular music in the sense of: Music for everyone and everyone and everyone. But not and never: arbitrary. It's a fine line that few can walk as brilliantly as he does, the man in the grey suit and cowboy boots.