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He jumps from line to line, from word to word, as if he were a light-footed kangaroo, says laut.de about the rapper born Gavino Crabu in Rottweil in 1989. Galv has long been a big name in the scene and has brought the Funky Space Party to German-speaking countries since his first release in 2014. Live, Galv, who combines old-school future hip hop with funky bass, timeless lyrics and an unmistakable flow, is regarded as an exceptional MC who regularly shares the stage with hip hop greats such as Torch, Toni-L and Samy Deluxe. A year and a half ago, he released his latest, highly acclaimed masterpiece "2022", followed in 2023 by the tape "Rapito 2" with his old friend FUZL and the hammer track "Been Livin' It" with Maniac from Munich and the New York MC and producer Fokis on board.