18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
Die Feisten:

Die Feisten: "Das Feinste der feisten"


"Why don't you play this, why don't you play that? What about Flamingo Dolores, do you also sing the "G.nseblümchen"? And "You always want to f...?" The Feisten don't let themselves get carried away, the answer is: "Yes, we do!" Because the two singers and multi-instrumentalists C. and Rainer pack the best of their extensive repertoire into their personal TOP20 in their programme "Das Feinste der feisten". Completely new songs such as the cheerful "Junggesellenabschied" or the euphorically grooving "Dönerrevolution" have also made it into the feisty charts. With stoic calm, the two sail through an escalating audience, which often bursts with laughter before the actual end of the song.