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Presented by PopNetz Karlsruhe

The up-and-coming crossover band from the district of Karlsruhe has been playing together since 2018. Together, Julius on drums, Sebi and Sigge on guitars, Fabi on bass and Lena on the microphone deliver melodic hooks with vocals and dark breakdowns with growls and screams. Captivated has been under contract with the Karlsruhe label Iwishicouldstay since the end of 2023, where the debut album "Tragedy/Reality" was released in December. Lyrically sometimes biographical, sometimes inspired by works by Edgar Allan Poe or the poet Sappho, Captivated moves between light, alternative rock elements in the direction of emo and pop punk as well as dark, hard guitar riffs. The stream numbers on Spotify will probably soon reach the five-digit range. Singer Lena was the initiator of the first "FLINTAlternative Metalcore Festival" in Karlsruhe last February. The queer woman not only wanted to draw attention to her community, but also actively contribute to changing the unequal distribution of musicians on stage in general.