18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
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He is regarded as an artist with hits, attitude, responsibility and continuous social commitment. The musician from Braunschweig has been a permanent and celebrated fixture in the German-speaking music scene for 20 years. Bosse will be at DAS FEST for the third time in 2024. In his luggage is the current album "Übers Träumen", which he will be presenting in the open air this summer. His music is a mixture of indie rock, pop and singer/songwriter, his lyrics are profound and emotional, they come from the heart, which is why they go straight to the heart. For Axel Bosse, there is nothing better than being on stage and creating and sharing magical moments with his audience. Fresh ideas, intelligent wordplay and the dream of a better, fairer and more solidary world - this is what characterizes Bosse anno 2024.