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Bateu Matou


Presented by     and urban soundz @ jubez

Riot was one of the producers of the legendary Portuguese-Angolan kuduro band Buraka Som Sistema, Quim Albergaria is one of the drummers and singers of the rock band Paus, and Ivo Costa has always played soul, fado and with bands from Africa. Together, the three musicians and producers form a true supergroup with Bateu Matou, which thinks the most diverse facets of Portuguese multiculturalism from the rhythm and brings them to the stage in rousing concerts. Bateu Matou seem like a mixture of DJ culture and three live drummers playing the beats. But also like a fusion of rock, house, rap, baile funk, drum and bass and kuduro, the Angolan dance style that emerged in the 1980s and is similar to Jamaican dancehall. African and Brazilian roots intertwine with electronic beats to create rhythmic fireworks, driven by a punk energy that immediately gets the world dancing. Bateu Matou are a living expression of the diversity of Lisbon's people, rhythms and stories.