18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
First acts for the field stage at DAS FEST 2024 have been announced image

First acts for the field stage at DAS FEST 2024 have been announced

On Thursday, 21 March, the line-up for the main stage of DAS FEST Karlsruhe 2024, which takes place from 18 to 21 July, will be announced. The programme for the free field stage can already be communicated to a large extent. "Regional, international and always cosmopolitan" - Jochen Werner, the booker for the DAS FEST field stage, doesn't find it difficult to find three words to characterise "his stage". However, it is much harder for him to stick to three words. "Many young local bands and acts can be experienced on stage here, but there are also many young musicians who simply drop in on the audience. The Feldbühne is a meeting place for the scene," adds Jochen Werner. "We are very happy to have this special stage location in the middle of the big festival happening, which is freely accessible. We are looking forward to productions here where the music takes centre stage and there will once again be incredible musical moments. Please share these moments with us and come along!" adds Jochen Werner.

The Feldbühne remains true to itself in its 27th year and is therefore always good for musical journeys of discovery. In addition to established local acts and international scene acts, this year's booking will place a special focus on Baden-Württemberg. You can find the line-up of the Feldbühne at DAS FEST 2024 here.