18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
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The guitars saw, the bass roared, the drums rattled. Hardly any band stands for rock music like the best times of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and co. as much as the trio Wolfmother, founded in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, around guitarist, singer and frontman Andrew Stockdale. On their latest album "Rock out", the tracks swing and pump seemingly effortlessly and calmly, only to lead into a massive, riff-laden chorus the next moment. In terms of personnel, Stockdale is the only constant and the creative motor of this band, which was celebrated as a sensation with its debut album in 2005, although it refers to a sound that is now five decades old. But with Wolfmother, it seems as energetic, powerful and fresh as if hard rock had just been invented. The Aussies revealed themselves to be indestructible on their triumphant club tour last year, now they are returning to Europe and rocking the festival stages with their absolutely timeless mixture of classic rock, blues and hard rock.