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With their German-Turkish indie pop, Engin from Mannheim fill a gaping hole in the German music landscape. Drifting psychedelia and fuzzy guitars, intricate rhythms and a light-footed vibe, the vocals are urgent and full of soul. Engin's music is fuelled by the friendship of three musicians and documents the musical self-exploration of singer and guitarist Engin Devekiran. He is the son of a Turk who came to Germany in the 1960s as a child of guest workers. Engin's Turkish is characterised by a German accent and he asks himself where he actually belongs. Together with drummer Jonas Stiegler and bassist David Knevels, he finds answers in the cultural richness between the worlds. For example, in the Anadolu Rock of the 1970s or the imaginative fusions of greats such as Barış Manço and Cem Karaca. ENGIN's debut album "Nacht" takes you into the hours between the afternoon and the next morning. The energetic trio delivers a grandiose condensation of life in their detailed and catchy German-Turkish indie rock sound. Raw, hypnotic and always danceable, Engin tells of all that the night reveals: Beauty and dirt, madness and adventure, loneliness and euphoria.