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Denno aka ButchVoyage, is a charismatic artist who has been performing solo since 2023, lives in Berlin and also inspires audiences internationally. A versatile talent, he moves effortlessly between DJing, producing, songwriting and playing guitar. He launched his passion project ButchVoyage in 2016. He has mastered the art of serving up pulsating house music in energetic and captivating sets. Whether in the club or at festivals, ButchVoyage knows how to create an electrifying atmosphere that leaves the audience wanting more. His own releases are a sonic mosaic of catchy melodies, infectious beats and mesmerizing guitar arrangements that bridge the gap between pop and electronic music. Denno's tracks have attracted considerable attention, garnering over 3 million streams and attracting the interest of renowned German radio stations. Denno aka ButchVoyage is a dazzling media artist who is poised to make a significant impact on the global music scene.