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Attic Stories


The story of Attic Stories begins anew in 2021: from a quintet to a quartet, a clean-out of the attic and then a full-throttle start into their own future - this is how one of the region's most active bands has presented itself for years. Frontwoman Romana and her three boys have redistributed the instruments, but left the band's agenda untouched: Attic Stories dig feelings, memories and stories out of the furthest corners of their hearts and drag them to the surface in their songs. It hurts, yes. But it's also healing. Romana's unmistakable voice duels with polyphonic choirs, furious pop-punk riffs and banging drums turn the head of every fan of Paramore, Neck Deep, All Time Low, Tonight Alive or Stand Atlantic. In short: Attic Stories are a new star in the German pop punk sky.