18. - 21. JULY 2024 Tickets
Großes Finale der INDIA SUMMER DAYS image

Großes Finale der INDIA SUMMER DAYS


The traditional INDIA SUMMER DAYS, which take place as part of DAS FEST, will once again focus on the diverse and long-standing activities between Germany and India, between Maharashtra and Baden-Württemberg and between Karlsruhe and Mumbai and Pune.

For the grand finale of INDIA SUMMER DAYS, the “Revathi Dance Academy” and the “Arcana Obscura” music band will embark on a journey through India, so to speak, combining Indian classical and contemporary dance forms with Western music. This combination of electronic music and Indian mantras evokes a meditative and mystical mood. This performance is about a dance journey through time and dimensions, from the original temple dances such as Mohiniyattam, Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi - and goes into the modern form of our time. Visitors experience a transformation of dance and music - in the middle of Karlsruhe as part of the INDIA SUMMER DAYS.