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Mütze & Glatze


For ten years now, the DJ duo Mütze & Glatze has been an integral part of lively techno nights in the Karlsruhe club scene. With the help of a good dose of humor, the duo's name was derived from their appearance. Iliana's affinity for caps and Patrick's - hereditary - lack of headgear have been the trademark of the two friends ever since. Starting with legendary parties at Vanguarde, Stadtmitte, Gotec, Culteum and currently at Erdbeermund, they have played numerous venues beyond the region's borders. With a set at the Jai Thep Festival in Thailand and performances in Vietnam, they have also celebrated their love of techno in front of an international audience. Powerful, driving baselines are in the foreground and are deliberately contrasted with melodic elements and vocal parts. A must-have in the collection of unforgettable techno nights for the experienced dancer.