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December 1st, 2017

DAS FEST 2018 tickets sell out in record time

A few Sunday tickets still available at the Christmas booth

It took only four days for some 130,000 tickets for the hill area at DAS FEST 2018 to be sold out at regional sales outlets. These tickets for the paid area in front of the main stage have sold out in record time – there are only a few tickets for DAS FEST Sunday left at the DAS FEST Christmas booth, as well as online at Eventim (currently available via www.dasfest.de). However, around 70 per cent of DAS FEST 2018 is accessible free of charge, even without a ticket. The programme here – and during the pre-FEST – is also incredibly attractive for the whole family, with four additional stages, a large children's and cultural area, and a sports area. Like the rest of the acts on the main stage, the full programme for the free access areas will be announced in spring 2018.

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November 27th, 2017

DAS FEST Karlsruhe is looking forward to Bosse and Simple Minds

- Von Wegen Lisbeth is DAS FEST opener
- LOSAMOL is playing night-club
- Presale for DAS FEST tickets for ten euros starts on Tuesday at the Karlsruhe Christmas market (Marktplatz)

It is cold and wet, Christmas is getting closer, and it’s just in time for the start of the Karlsruhe Christmas market tomorrow, Tuesday tomorrow, where the presale for DAS FEST traditionally begins. DAS FEST creators announced first bands for the summer 2018 highlight in exclusive company at the Sparkasse Karlsruhe today: The 34th edition of DAS FEST will be kicked off with the opener Von Wegen Lisbeth on July 20th, Bosse and Simple Minds are main acts, and LOSAMOL, who already entertained the around 600 invited guests at the special preview today, will play a night-club gig. The classical music morning on the DAS FEST-Sunday, July 22nd, will be very traditional: Vivaldi will be played by the DAS FEST classical music orchestra.

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